What Are Bathroom Vanities? – What Are They?

A bathroom vanity is a cabinet that houses a sink and storage space. A standard vanity has a countertop, a faucet, and a tap. Some are even waterproof. Whether you choose to have a traditional sink or a contemporary freestanding vanity, there are many options to choose from. Read on to learn more about bathroom vanaties. Let’s get started! What Are Vanities? – What Are They?

A pedestal sink is not considered a vanity, as it has no storage space. Pedestal sinks have the same limitations as wall-mounted ones, but can be more spacious. When choosing a vanity, make sure to consider safety and durability. For example, you should choose a locking vanity if you have children or other users who will access the cabinet often. Also, a vanity with a locking cabinet will keep your items safe.

Other types of bathroom vanaties are available in various designs. Small spaces can be accommodated by a pedestal sink. A wall-mounted vanity can be a more permanent fixture. A pedestal sink can also be a good choice for smaller bathrooms. It should be placed on a sturdy pedestal for stability. The pedestal sink will help prevent the vanity from tipping over or falling over. The pedestal sink is suitable for bathrooms with minimal traffic.

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