Choosing Bathroom Vanities

A bathroom vanity provides storage space and a sink for personal care products. These pieces typically come with a faucet or tap and a countertop. Some vanaties include built-in soap dispensers. The size and style of a vanity depends on the overall design and function of the room. There are many different styles of bathroom vanaties available. The most important thing to remember when choosing a new vanity is to consider its purpose.

Some types of bathroom vanaties can be installed in the corner. A pedestal sink is perfectly fine for a small bathroom with little traffic. Some types of vanities have a sit-down area for applying makeup or applying skin care products. There are also custom options available for a master suite. Some even feature a built-in hamper and a phone charger. Some even have a step stool to assist in bathing.

Particle-board vanity tops are an excellent option for smaller bathrooms. This type of material is made up of glue and wood particles, which are then compressed into sheets. Particle-board vanity tops are inexpensive and durable, but they’re not ideal for bathrooms with children. In larger bathrooms, a vanity with a double sink can provide ample storage space and a larger countertop area. To find the right vanity for your space, consult a bathroom remodeling expert.

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