Bathroom Vanaties

Bathroom vanaties combine a sink with storage in a single unit. They are available in an almost infinite variety of materials, styles, and designs. Besides contributing to the functionality of a bathroom, vanaties also provide visual anchors to the overall design. Updating your existing bathroom vanity can elevate your space while adding much-needed storage space. Additionally, adding a freestanding cabinet can add value to your home.

Traditional vanity tables are still available, but you can find a variety of styles to suit your preferences. Pedestal sinks are suitable for smaller bathrooms, and pedestal vanaties are fine in high-traffic areas. Despite their size and shape, bathroom vanaties are available in an unlimited variety of materials. Some vanities feature sit-down areas for applying makeup. Other vanities feature tall cabinets or towers, rollout drawers, a built-in hamper, a smartphone charger, and a pullout step stool.

Pedestal sinks are the most basic type of bathroom vanaties. Pedestal sinks are typically small, but a built-in vanity will give you much more countertop space and storage. There are three main types of sinks: undermount and drop-in. Undermount sinks sit beneath the countertop, while drop-in sinks are mounted on the countertop. Vessel and pedestal baths can also be built-in. Wall-mounted sinks can also add to the spaciousness of your bathroom.

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